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Waddell Contempo Series Display Cases.
Waddell Visions Series Display Cases.
Waddell Quantum Series Display Cases.
Prominence display cases.
Waddell Prominence Spotlight Series Display Cases.
Waddell Varsity Series Display Cases.
Waddell Monarch Series Display Cases.
Waddell Heritage Series Display Cases.
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Waddell Visions Series Display Cases Enlargements
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Live customer service now for Display-Case-Depot.com
Live customer service now for Display-Case-Depot.com

Waddell Display Cases by Ghent Manufacturing

Back in 1889 when Waddell made its debut; people traveled by horse and buggy, bread cost pennies a loaf, and furniture was built with an artisan's pride.

Sales people.

Much has changed over the years, yet the tradition for quality craftsmanship lives on at Ghent Manufacturing.

For over 100 years, a Waddell Display Case has represented the best! Using only the finest materials, Ghent Manufacturing craftsmen combine today's technology with yesterday's personal commitment to construct trophy and display cases with the look and quality of fine furniture.

Experienced sales personnel will make your buying experience.. better!

Sales people.The sales team at Display-Case-Depot.com has been in the business since 1979. They know display cases and showcases, they know accessories, and they know how to get you the best, safest and quickest delivery on the cases you order.


warehouseDisplay-Case-Depot.com customers are loyal and return year after year because of their satisfaction with the product, the service and the price.

Display cases from Display-Case-Depot.com grace the offices, corridors, hallways, lounges, auditoriums, lobbies, boardrooms and classrooms of thousands of schools and universities, corporate offices, military facilities, churches and synagogues, sports centers and stadiums.. and we invite you to join this satisfied group!

Let us assist you in choosing the right display case, and making your buying experience easy and fruitful.

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